Mom Drives Getaway Car, Baby Goes Along for the Ride

baby in getaway carIf you've ever seen Raising Arizona (and you should), this story might sound a tad bit familiar. Only instead of a Hollywood ending, this 22-year-old mom will likely end up in jail for grand theft, armed robbery, and child abuse.

As two men and a teenager robbed a convenience store of cash, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, Bianca Henderson waited in the getaway car with her 1-year-old baby boy. Henderson sped away with the rest of the criminals -- and their loot -- but were busted when she almost hit an off-duty sheriff deputy.

Really, it would be a comedy starring Nicolas Cage if it weren't for the fact that a real-life baby was in danger. This is how it all went down.


After the three gunmen relieved the store of its cash and goods, they hopped in the car with the mom and her baby. Henderson then proceeded to almost run over an officer of the law. His suspicions piqued, so the sheriff followed the car and eventually pulled the motley crew over. This is where the mom actually did the right thing. As the three robbers ran from the police, only to be chased down and even bitten by a police dog, the mom stayed in the car with her baby.

It almost warms your heart, doesn't it? Although, really, after an armed robbery and almost getting in a car accident, how much harm could be done by abandoning a baby in the car as you run for the hills?

Either way, this was not the best example of taking your kid to work day. Let's hope this baby finds a nice, safe home while mom is serving time.

What do you think should happen to the getaway car driving mom?


Image via YouTube

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