Teen Parents Jailed After Baby Is Thrown From Car

car seatI don't like teen parent stereotypes. There are just as many crappy and horrid older parents as well. But regardless, sometimes teens do stupid, stupid things.

Nineteen-year-old Gilbert Saavedra and his 16-year-old girlfriend, for example, showed that they shouldn't be caring for a carton of eggs, much less a baby, as evidenced by the events that took place when their 9-month-old baby went flying from their moving car. The baby, Alejandro, was supposedly thrown from the vehicle by his own mother -- unnamed because of her age.

According to witnesses, the parents were having an argument, then got into their gold Mercedes (what teen drives a Mercedes?!) and started speeding off at about 40 miles per hour. Then something horrific happened ....


The back door of the car opened, and according to some sources, the baby while strapped into his infant car seat fell out. Others say the car seat was thrown out. The car stopped, the teen couple got out, picked up baby Alejandro, put him back in the car, and sped off again. I guess that's better than leaving him in the middle of the road?

Cops caught up with them about an hour later, and the baby boy underwent a precautionary check-up at the hospital. He is thankfully uninjured, and is now in protective custody.

Mom is in Juvenile Hall, not just for "suspicion of child endangerment," but also for assaulting a CPS worker during an interview. Real winner, there. Dad is being held on $50,000 bail.

All I can say is what the hell? No matter HOW it happened, it takes some serious screw-ups and lack of ALL responsible thought to have a baby go flying from your car. I have more questions than answers. How did the car door open? Why wasn't the car seat securely attached to the seat even if the car door opened? A car seat just doesn't fall out!

I can't say I'm exactly rooting for them to get their kid back.

Do you think this was an accident?


Image via drewgstephens/Flickr

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