Martha Stewart Is a Grandma, Just Don’t Call Her That!

martha stewart grandmaThere are pink booties, pink blankets, and pink monogrammed bibs over at Martha Stewart's home. Her daughter, Alexis, welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday. The heir to the Stewart empire, Jude, was born to a gestational carrier and apparently everyone is doing perfectly great.

Alexis didn't shy away from her troubles to have a child, but now that struggle is over, and the newest Stewart female is being welcomed by both Mom and Grandma Martha.

That's right. Martha isn't going to be called Grandma. Not Nana, Mimi, or Meemaw. Nope, she's gonna just be called "Martha."

No matter what she's going to be called, having Martha around to help with the kiddo makes Alexis one lucky mama.


Alexis is very honest that she doesn't want her daughter to be spoiled by Martha. I get that. But, Alexis, listen to me: having Martha around is going to be a huge bonus. As a mom of a little girl, there are so many ways Martha's talents will come in handy:

Halloween costumes: One year, my daughter was a Ballerinasaurus. This year, she wants to be a Princess Kitty-cat ghost. When Jude starts asking for complicated costumes, you will have Martha there to whip up a Fairy Pirate Witch outfit in 23 minutes.

Bake sale: It starts in preschool and doesn't let up 'til high school. The dreaded bake sale. No showing up with half-burned, half-goopy brownies. No scrambling at midnight because you just plum forgot you signed up to make the red velvet cake. One phone call and Martha will have four dozen cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles perfectly placed to you by 8:44 a.m. -- in a special cupcake travelling case, of course.

Craft projects: Like when you have to make cards for Teacher Appreciation Day. Or design a log cabin for history class. You won't have to eat three boxes of popsicles to get the sticks. You won't have sticky hair for two weeks after an Elmer's glue explosion (yes, that happened to me). Martha will have every item you would need -- glue gun, decoupage station, yards of ribbons, and tape. Heck, she probably has a freakin' kiln.

Do the grandmas in your world help with the kids?

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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