Rod Stewart Is the Smartest (Old) Dad Ever!

rod stewartI love older dads. I love older celeb dads especially. They have a wisdom about them. They are the walking, talking version of “been there, done that.” Not much ruffles their dad feathers.

So, when Rod Stewart announced he, at age 66, was having his eighth kid, I thought, “what a lucky little lad.”  The Stewart spawn #8, Aiden, was born February 11. Rod revealed in an interview that all is well and good with mom Penny Lancaster and their little boy, but added, "I'm absolutely knackered. I don't think I've had any sleep for two weeks."

Ah, the joys of a newborn baby!


What are the perks of being a new parent? The little smiles, the little toes, the newborn head smell (take a good whiff, mama). Also part of being a new parent: sleep deprivation. Getting used to little sleep is a huge adjustment. Sleeping through the night no longer means a nice 8 or 9 hours. You’ll be happy with a solid 5 hours until they are 5.

Once you get past the breastfeeding, once you get past the pacifier (or don’t – no judgements here, Katie Holmes), you still have to tackle night potty-training. Once they enter preschool, fuggetaboutit. They will be sick approximately every 17.3 days with a cough, perhaps the sniffles, and need some juice every 93 minutes during the night.

Talk to any mom, and she will nod and smile with “Yup, I hear you loud and clear!” look. Talk to a dad, and you may not get that same “I’m on the same page” vibe.

But Rod gets it. He’s been around the block -- this is his eighth trip. He goes on in that same interview to give us moms mad props:

The first couple of nights, Penny said, "Well go and sleep in another bedroom, there's no point in two of us not getting any sleep," but for the last 10 days we've been together.

But she's great. I wake up in the middle of the night and she hasn't had any sleep and she's feeding him and smiling. I don't know how mothers do it, I tell you, it's just phenomenal.

You know what, he’s right. It is phenomenal what we do. We are phenomenal. Studies have proven women get less sleep than men. Yet, we keep on keepin’ on. Good for Rod to realize this. More dads should sing their wives’ praises, put it out there for all to hear -- we moms do is amazing.

On behalf of moms everywhere, I heart you, Rod Stewart!


Who gets up at night with your kids -- you or your husband?

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