Mom Arrested After Baby Coos in Library


baby kicked out of libraryIt's starting to feel like people just really hate babies in this country. Whether it's feeding them in public or strolling them down the sidewalk, people seem to get aggro when in the presence of tiny, helpless infants. Makes you wonder what kind of issues people have when they take out their aggression on the smallest in our society, no?

So here we go again with a story of a mother who was trying to do a job search in the library, and was kicked out, and then arrested. All because her baby dared to let out a little baby talk. That's right, baby talk. Not baby scream, not baby cry. Baby talk.

Serita Donnetta Foster and her 14-month-old baby were in the library in Decatur, Georgia, so she could use the Internet to search for a job. Her baby made a noise that Foster described as a "coo" and the security guard came over to tell her that her son needed to quiet down or leave the library. Foster gave her baby a bottle, and no further noises came out of the little dude.

However, the security guard came back saying the branch manager wanted her to leave anyway, just in case the baby made any more noise. Seriously. Preemptive banishing in the public library. Foster held her ground, which resulted in a trespassing arrest.

So security guards can bully a mom with a happy baby, but it's still legal to look at porn on the library computers -- when children are around. What's going on in this country that moms are constantly under attack? How is Foster supposed to find a job when the library won't even let her come in if she has her baby with her? As Foster so eloquently said, if her baby had been crying, she would have immediately left the premises. But he wasn't crying, and she needed to use the computer.

Foster actually has a court date coming up, as she was charged with obstruction. What a fantastic use of our tax dollars. If you're in the Decatur area, you should be pissed. Hell, if you're a mother, you should be pissed. How many gum-snapping, coughing, farting, or otherwise noisy people do you think sit in the Decatur library every day -- without being asked to leave? It's mom discrimination, pure and simple.

Do you think Serita Foster should have been kicked out, then arrested?

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iluvm... iluvmykidsxoxo

Wow that's just ridiculous!!! I would of been beyond pissed & they would have got a huge piece of my mind! Stupid people jeeez what are you supposed to do, put tape over your kids mouth seriously WTH do they expect?! I hope the court leans in her favor & acknowledges how dumb this was.

Beths... Bethsunshine

I'm thinking there is more to the story.

bwill626 bwill626

Bethsunshine - I agree. This seems a little lacking in some information, and there are always two sides to every story.

jalaz77 jalaz77

How did she stand her ground??? There has to be more to this. She should not have gotten kicked out just in case, that part is ridiculous.

Nikki Ramirez

WOW. Our library encourages kids to run freely, talk, scream and play. They believe - strongly - that a child's enjoyment in a library and around books sends a strong message about literacy. Happiness around books = desire to read. Move to St. Louis, moms.

Sarah Wilsman

this seems a bit biased to a mom and a librarian in a public library I doubt this is all there is to the story. we certainly do not discriminate against moms or babies or anyone trying to do a job search...I expect it was a little more extreme than this, believe me we see it all working with the public on a daily basis and it takes extreme behavior to be asked to leave the library

nonmember avatar Cy

More to the story? Yeah, she probably refused to leave because it was so ridiculous and then got pissy because they were insistent and THEN got arrested. She's not a saint because she's a mom, but she's also not a criminal!

Ether... EtherealFantasy

That is bull that she was asked to leave because of the baby cooing! Ridiculous what people are complaining about these days!

The baby wasn't making a lot of noise and had quited down but yet they still wanted to be jerks?!

I don't know what she said to the officer but whatever it was, was enough to get her arrested...

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