Dad Gives Piece of Himself (Literally) to Save Son's Life

Ask most parents and they will tell you they would die for their children. It's a simple response because, for most of us, it's true. But most of us never have to put our "money where our mouth is" when it comes to statements like these. 

One dad in Boston recently had the chance to prove just how much substance those kinds of statements have. His infant son was diagnosed with a severe liver disease. Doctors told his parents that Tristan, born just last June, would die unless he had a liver transplant, but donor livers for infants are hard to come by. So Jeremy Theerman made a decision. He would give part of his liver.

He told the Boston Globe:


Because he was not getting offers, we didn’t want to wait until he was extremely sick before he got a transplant. The options were pretty stark. If you don’t do it, your kid has a pretty good chance of not pulling through. So you just do it. I had no hesitation.

If an operation like this goes right, then the liver will regenerate itself, so Theerman donated a portion to his son who almost immediately began to improve. Months later, both father and son are doing well, something Theerman visualized to help himself get through the difficult and painful parts of the operation. Though the boy has to be on drugs to avoid rejection and there is no telling what the future may hold, for now, he is well.

Theerman said:

All I can say is that we are very, very fortunate. It’s a lot to go through, but when your kid’s life is at stake, you do what you have to do.

For Theerman, there was no question. I have no doubt that faced with similar circumstances, I would also rise to the occasion. Because honestly, saying you would die for your children is easy when you know you simply couldn't live without them.

Offered the choice between having to live without my kids and coping with their loss or being able to save them by potentially harming myself, the choice would be a no-brainer. I am sure most parents would say the same.

As for Tristan Theerman, his first word was "dada." With good reason.

Do you think you could do this for your child?

Image via ceejayoz/Flickr

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