Teen Mom Kills Over Diaper Money

teen mom kills over diaper money
Worth dying over?
They say to never loan friends or family money, and this tragic tale out of Brooklyn shows you exactly how bad of an idea that can be. One young woman is dead, and the other one is likely going to jail -- leaving her 11-month-old son without a mother -- all because of $20 that was supposed to go to buying the baby some diapers.

Kayla Henriques, an 18-year-old mom, is charged with second-degree murder after stabbing her friend, Kamisha Richards with a steak knife. Richards had been dating Henriques' brother, and apparently loaned Henriques $20, which she believed was to be used on the baby. While we don't know exactly what happened next, we do know how the feud got heated, thanks to Facebook.


Although it does seem that Richards was the most threatening in the posts, as reported by The Daily Mail:

Richards posted on Sunday night: ‘Kayla now u getin outa hand...I hope u having fun entertaining the world...Trust, IMA HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!’

Henriques’s reply was: ‘We will see.’

In another message, Richards wrote: ‘I don't give a f**k. ... U know ya sister so its not just ova $20 its the principle.

'So don't make it seem like I'm goin n 4 $20 she kno wat she did and she real f**ked up ... this aint the 1st time she did dum s**t...F**K THESE NOSY PPL!!!!’

The fight ended with a confrontation in an apartment, where allegedly Henriques stabbed Richards in the chest, and she died on the scene as a relative of Henriques tried to save her.

Which just shows, if you're going to murder someone, perhaps you shouldn't battle with them on a social network and through text message. Even though Richards was the most unhinged, it's definitely evidence of a pretty serious fight. If the blood train leading to Henriques, who was hiding in the apartment next door, wasn't enough evidence for a conviction, these words surely are.

But apparently, it's not enough to stop Henriques from continuing her inappropriate use of texts. She recently sent this out over her phone:

'I can't be leave this happen I'm sorry I send my condolences to her family RiP kamisha'

Someone needs to take that phone away from the teen mom, diaper that baby, and perhaps send him to live with someone more responsible and less, say, murderous.

Image via SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget/Flickr

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