World's Youngest Grandmother Is 23

world's youngest grandmother
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Just when you thought a 29-year-old grandmother was disturbing, along comes a granny who will blow your mind. Rifca Stanescu of Romania was only 11 when she married a 13-year-old jewelry seller, out of fear of being married off to an older man in the village. By age 12, she had given birth to her first child, Maria. Maria apparently thought that was a pretty good set-up, and left school to get married at age 10, then promptly had a baby at age 11.

I didn't think Romania was so dramatically different than the rest of Eastern Europe, but this whole scenario is just effed up. What's going on over there that kids go to work when they should be mooning over Justin Bieber, and are allowed to marry before they can grow facial hair?


Since the legal age for marriage in Romania is 16 (or 18 according to another report), I'm guessing these ladies lived in a remote area where rules just don't matter. It makes you wonder what else was going on in the area to make child sexual exploitation so common that there is now a grandmother who is younger than most mothers.

Grandma Rifca says she wanted more for her daughter, but apparently child rape is about as good as it gets in that family. It's all so distasteful, even though when you look at Rifca, she looks older than her 23 years, and with good reason. Her own mother is only 40 and is a great-grandmother. Yikes. 

Honestly, someone needs to be prosecuted here, although it's unclear by this article who is being exploited, or who is just following a messed up family tradition.

What do you think about the world's youngest grandmother?


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