'Teen Mom 2' Recap: They Would Be Better Off Alone!

Teen Mom 2 has had some depressing moments, to be sure, but the ninth episode saw the culmination of much of the drama and pain that has plagued the moms throughout the season. Breakups were in the air and not a moment too soon.

Leah and Corey perhaps have the most difficult story with the happiest relationship. Though the two are dealing with Ali's potential problems (this episode showed her MRI to be fine, but she may have a genetic syndrome), they are in the midst of wedding planning and really may make it. Well, that remains to be seen, but at the very least, they seem like they have a shot and they are supporting one another, which is a far cry from the situations for any of the other young moms.


Jenelle and Keefer took off on a road trip to New Jersey (Keefer's hometown), leaving baby Jace behind in a cloud of dust. She lied to her mom about where she was going, packed a bag, and took off. She also paid for all the gas and they took her car. Good choice in men there, Jenelle. One is in jail and one is a total mooch. Let's just hope they are using birth control.

Of course, Keefer looks like a rock star compared to the other d-bag boys we have on the show.

Chelsea and Adam finally ended their farce of a relationship after he refused to hold her hand at a fair, refused to help her in any way with their daughter (instead he played video games), and refused to pay child support or rent. Are we sensing a pattern? I spend so much time screaming at the TV screen, my husband thinks he must be missing some major part of March Madness.

Nope, honey, just Teen Mom idiocy.

It took Chelsea five episodes to realize what we all already know. This kid is a mean, selfish, spiteful troll who doesn't care about anything but himself and will use her and the baby as a means to get on MTV, have his rent paid, and have a little sex. He is easily the worst of the bunch and I hope Chelsea sticks to her guns. Maybe having such a good and loving dad who gave her so much actually hurt her in the long run. Maybe it didn't allow her to see how cruel and awful people can be.

And then there is Kailyn whose own baby daddy/ex-boyfriend Jo is holding her clothing hostage (with his mother's approval) until she gives him back the $600 she owes him. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that while all the other boys mooch, Jo seems to have his act together financially (as much as a teenager really can), but come on. That is just petty. I appreciate that Jo is in a crap position with a girl he no longer even likes, but let's be mature for 10 seconds and recognize that holding someone's clothing hostage will not help your situation.

Most of these girls are actually better off totally alone with their own parents' help. They need to finish school, work, and collect child support. But their baby daddies and inept boyfriends need to stay far, far away.

Do you think they are better off alone?


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