Miracle Baby Survives Car Crashing Into Room

A family in Madison, Kentucky is thanking their lucky stars today that they still have their baby girl after an SUV came crashing into her bedroom while she was sleeping in her crib.

The parents, who were sitting in the living room, said they heard the squeal of tires and the crash and knew it was bad. They described in vivid detail what those moments between hearing the crash and finding their baby unscathed were like:

When I got there, I seen her crib was in pieces. I was just trying to judge where she could have been in the rubble cause that's how bad it was. You could barely make out the crib mattress...My parental instincts kicked in and I had to get her out. But I didn't wanna pull it back and find her gone. I don't know if I'd been able to live with that.

It is hard to imagine anything more terrifying and in some way, however small, we have all been there.


When I was a little girl, I was sitting on a fence and a dog knocked me off. I fell onto the ground and hit my head. I was knocked senseless and for a little while I could only see things, I could not speak or say how hurt I was. Every time my child falls or gets hurt, in the moments before I know how bad it is, I feel like that again.

Don't we all?

When my son fell off a stool in Chipotle, he was fine, but the trauma of seeing the fall and not being able to catch him or break his fall made my hands shake for the rest of the day. My daughter once slipped and fell on the bathroom floor and was nearly knocked out. The fear was indescribable.

This story has a happy ending and thank goodness for that. This little 10-month-old baby will hopefully grow up and tell her friends and family about this story. It will be a family legend and she'll look at photos and she will have no idea what her parents went through in those seconds.

My husband was in a terrible sledding accident as a kid and he tells the story with a lot of laughter. "And then I punctured my eardrum and broke my collarbone and had a concussion!" Meanwhile, his mom cannot tell the story without tears.

Those seconds must have felt like eternity to that family. I have no doubt that as their little girl grows, she will have no residual effects. My guess is they will not be as lucky.

Have you ever had a big scare with your kids?


Image via Elizabeth/Table4Five/Flickr

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