Penelope Cruz Is the Hottest New Mom Ever

penelope cruz post-baby oscarThe Oscars are soooo last week. Old news. Mama-to-be Natalie Portman still won, she’s still glowing, her bump is still bumpalicious, and Mike Huckabee still has a problem with her. But never mind all that. What do I really want to talk about? Penelope Cruz and her hot post-baby bod.

Penelope shows up one month -- that's a mere 30 days -- after giving birth to son Leo. She didn't wear some flowing, lump-forgiving, post-baby body smock. Nope. She rocked a figuring-hugging, not-gonna-let-you-eat-one-extra-bite-of-scone dress by L'Wren Scott.

She looked amazing. She looked gorgeous. She looked not normal for a mom only one month after giving birth.


Your sister can tell you. Your best girlfriend can tell you. Your ob-gyn can tell you. But as much as other moms and the dude at the corner deli will warn you, you won’t believe your body will take as long as it does to get back to normal ... if it ever does (hello, stretch marks #1-33). It’s cool. You see other moms at the playground, with babies about your age, in various stages of body recovery. We’ve all been there, done that, adjusted to our new bodies (kind of).

But then we see Penelope at the Oscars. Just 30 days after birth, seriously looking like most of us on our best A-plus days. I know, she has a team of fashion people who know all of the “tricks” but, shoot, it’s just not fair.

Life isn’t fair, and we have to remember it’s not her fault. It’s not her fault she’s got a team of miracle workers. It’s not her fault we spend priceless seconds, minutes, hours discussing what celeb has cellulite, who named their kid a wonko name, and our latest mommy confession. That’s our job.

Penelope’s job? Looking hot at the Oscars. She has to show directors, producers, movie executives there (and watching at home) that’s she back in business. How she looks is part of her job. Think of these pics as a free press release saying, “Hello, Hollywood! I’m back!”

See, when I look at it that way, that she’s just doing her job, my esteem doesn't feel so low.

How long did it take your body to recover from pregnancy?


Image via Splash

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