Circumcision Ban on the Ballot? -- Stop the Madness!


hot button issueSo, yeah, here we go with the circumcision debate -- again. One of the hot button topics in Babydom ... and especially in San Francisco. We reported on this back in November, how  Lloyd Schofield (he calls himself a civil rights advocate) wants to ban circumcision and is gathering signatures to get a proposition on the ballot in November.

Why are we writing about this again? Apparently, he’s getting close to his 7,168 signatures, people.

We can put out there the facts again -- that there are pros and cons to circumcision. That there are studies that show there is no medical necessity to it, while other studies cite a reduced STD transmission rate for males who have been snip-snipped.

Truthfully, it all just makes me think these people should focus their energies on something else.

Here's my full disclosure: my husband is Jewish. He had a bris. His brother had a bris. His father had a bris. If we had had a son, we would have had him circumcised. You can debate this all you want. I don’t care if you circumcise your son or you don’t. Just don’t take away my right to do so. The $1,000 fine, the possible year in jail for parents who have their baby boy circumcised -- really?

Let's take a deep breath. This may get on the ballot. I’m thinking common sense will rule there on the West Coast, and the proposition will be swatted down. And even if it doesn't, since, oh yeah, it goes against the First Amendment (the freedom of religion and press and expression -- oh my!), it will more than likely never become a law.

But that aside, I’m reading about all of this, and I keep coming back to what else these people could do, with so much energy to change things, what issue could they tackle to really make things better.

Well, for starters, how about the fact that more California kids qualify for free or reduced lunches now than ever before -- more than 3.4 million kids. That means 3.4 million kids live in families that fall a certain percentage below the federal poverty level. Yes, let me type that again, poverty. Not enough food. Maybe they could help this cause, help these kids.

Or if, instead of gaining signatures, they asked those 7,000 people for a donation of $15. That would be $105,000 -- equal to the salary of two teachers in San Francisco (the average San Fran teacher makes about $52,000). With the huge budgets cuts in California, one of the first things to go will be arts education. With that $70,000, those activists could get a music or art or reading teacher into two elementary schools, impacting maybe 1,000 kids.

So, yes, we’re talking about a hot button issue, a serious issue, but man, there are so many other issues besides breastfeeding and circumcision that should get us all riled up.

What do you think we should get riled up about?


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Beths... Bethsunshine

The senseless murder of thousands of unborn babies each year, LEGALLY, in the name of "choice."

pawlady pawlady

We should get riled up at the people who insist they know better how to raise our kids.

Memph... MemphisSuzi

We should get riled up about child abuse, Americans going hungry, wasteful government spending, and a million other things...but NOT a persons right to choose what is best for their child, their family, or themselves. 

cardg... cardgrowth

Thank you for this very well written article.  With all of the real problems in the world, it is bizarre to think that this issue could get any followers, let alone the number of signups that you have reported. 

Get circumsized or don't.  The only person who should care is the male that is deciding whether or not to get snipped.  But, if it is a Jewish baby, at least at 8 days old, he won't have any memories!!

pawlady pawlady

The threat to a woman's right to choose.

iLuVk... iLuVkAidEn

clapping  great post!  finally a good blog!  every other blog on this site it talking down to moms. 

nonmember avatar Sara

"Get circumsized or don't. The only person who should care is the male that is deciding whether or not to get snipped."

That is the crux of the issue. Infant babies are unable to decide anything for themselves and to permanently alter a part of their body, especially such an intimate part, without their consent is wrong. Is it a wrong great enough to justify a passage of a bill? Some people feel it is, some don't. However, to say that we as parents have some fundamental right to cut off pieces of our children's anatomy in the name of tradition (there are no valid medical reasons, no medical organization in the US endorses this practice) is insanity.

angev... angevil53

first circumcision, what's next rhinoplasty or cleft palate surgery...these people make me sick. if my son missed his foreskin i'm betting he would have said something by now.

nonmember avatar bee

Freedom of religion. My goodness - that is completely anti-semetic.

nonmember avatar Kurt Lemko

I agree! In fact, let's get rid of the federal protection that girls have. Some studies show that female circumcision reduces STD rates. I think it looks better, too. My wife was circumcised. So was her sister and her mother. When my daughter is born, I want to have her circumcised so she can look like her mother. And my daughter won't remember it, so who cares? It's just the clitoral hood... the EXACT EQUIVILENT of a male's foreskin. My religion says it's the way it's supposed to be. Ever hear of Freedom of Religion? Keep your laws away from me and my religious beliefs! I'll cut my children's genitals if I deem it appropriate.

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