Baby Born in Strip Club Parking Lot

baby born in strip club parking lotIt's not what you think. Really. There are no tales of a stripper going into labor, or an angry pregnant wife showing up outside Flashdancer strip club in Arlington, Texas, then subsequently giving birth. (Although that would be a great story, right? In one of those "what a horrible father!" kind of ways.)

Instead, when William Nathaniel Jones was ready to be born, he was simply not considering the appropriateness of his surroundings. Which is how he came to be born outside of a strip club. Or perhaps he was, and is simply angling to get into Flashdancer free on his 18th birthday. Luckily, his mother has a sense of humor about how her baby came into the world in the scandalous parking lot instead of the hospital.


Nate and Amenze Jones were headed to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano when the police pulled Nate over for speeding. Unfortunately this resulted in enough of a delay that Amenze felt the baby coming while they were still in transit. Like any rattled father-to-be, Nate called 911 and they told him to pull over and get ready to deliver that baby. It just so happens the nearest parking lot was Flashdancer strip club in Arlington.

Baby William came quickly with the help of a firefighter and two paramedics who arrived in time to catch the baby. In addition to the location, delivering a baby at all was a first for these three emergency workers. While the three men say they then had to complete a lot of paperwork for the nontraditional delivery, you can't help but wonder if the EMTs stopped in for a celebratory cocktail after their work was done. I think I might.

Also luckily, the delivery was easy, and mom and baby are doing great. If not slightly embarrassed about a birth story that involves naked gyrating women of a completely different sort.

Image via holisticmonkey/Flickr

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