5 Tips to Create the Best Nursery

cribEven before I got pregnant, I had the room picked out. On the same floor as our bedroom, with adjoining doors, it would make a perfect nursery for our newborn.

That was the easy part. Can I just say thank the heavens I had nine whole months to actually turn the place into a nursery? Looking back, I knew nothing about how to make a baby's room. Lean in closer, because you're about to benefit from nine months of trial and error! Here are five (can't fail, if I do say so myself) tips to create the perfect nursery:


1. Choose a paint scheme that will grow with your child. If possible, stick to neutral colors (no one needs to fight with the surly teenage girl who suddenly hates pink!). You can always dress it up easily with removable vinyl wall clings that match your theme and won't destroy the paint job.

2. Opt for rugs over carpeting. If this is the room baby will stay in through the teen years, remember kids are messy, and no one wants to be digging crayons out of carpet fibers. Plenty of soft rugs will be perfect for baby's tummy time, and easy to pop in the laundry if they burp a little "too much."

3. Storage, storage, storage! In the early days there are diapers and wipes and teeny weeny toe clippers (trust me, they look crueler than they really are). As they grow, they start collecting more stuffed animals than the law allows, and all those gifts from Granny. You can never have enough storage (really, I swear). And while we're on the subject: bookshelves are a must to nurture your little reader.

4. Pictures of friends and family. There's nothing like sitting in the nursery with Grandma on speaker phone while you point to the picture on the wall of just WHO they're gurgling at. It's the most meaningful piece of art you'll find in any room, but it's extra special in the nursery.

5. Don't stress yourself out. Your health is paramount at this point, and that means your stress level too. The fact is, it doesn't have to be done RIGHT AWAY. Especially if you plan to co-sleep with baby or even keep them in a bassinet in your room when you come home. So give yourself time -- and take your friends up on offers to help (there's nothing wrong with throwing a painting party while you put your feet up in the living room and take a nap).

Is your nursery ready? What are your favorite touches?


Image via valentinapowers/Flickr

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