Gaddafi Is an Attachment Parent

Gaddafi parenting styleWho knew Muammar Gaddafi was so much like us? The much-maligned Libyan dictator has very specific ideas about parenting. In fact, he could go head-to-head with any of you people commenting on The Stir breastfeeding posts. Oh, maybe he has! Do you think the Colonel is actually Anon

It's true the embattled (hopefully former, soon) leader has been spewing his own brand of crazy lately, but someone decided to take a look at Gaddafi's The Green Book of wisdom that he published in 1975 to see if he's always been so off his rocker. Turns out, he has. But that doesn't mean Gaddafi didn't have a moment of clarity when discussing breastfeeding and stay-at-home moms.


From his manifesto, we see that Gaddafi may be confused about what exactly makes a woman different than a man (you needed to ask a gynecologist, really?), but he is very clear that a baby needs to be breastfed well past his first birthday:

Women, like men, are human beings. This is an incontestable truth ... Women are different from men in form because they are females, just as all females in the kingdom of plants and animals differ from the male of their species ... According to gynecologists women, unlike men, menstruate each month ... Since men cannot be impregnated they do not experience the ailments that women do. She breastfeeds for nearly two years.

Before you start to say, "But I have to go back to work! I can't possibly nurse on demand until my baby is 2," Gaddafi has an answer for that as well. You need to stay home with the baby, otherwise -- it's tyranny!

Placing a child in a day nursery is coercive and tyrannical and a violation of the child’s free and natural disposition.

So now you know how it's done in Libya. Or at least it was under the 40 years of rule when Colonel Gaddafi forced everybody to live by these rules in his little green book. I'm just hoping they have paid maternity leave in Libya to support his extended breastfeeding position.

Oh right, they do. A full six months -- which is six months more than we have here in the U.S. Maybe that nutcase is on to something.


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