Canadian Moms Better Than American Moms

bpa in america baby bloodstreamThose Canadian moms are at it again, making us Americans feel bad about all things motherhood. First they get the totally rad maternity (and paternity!) leave, then it's the higher breastfeeding rates as babies get older. Side note -- gee, do you think those two things are related?? And now it's the BPA in our bloodstreams.

In a frightening study, Americans have twice as much bisphenol A in our bloodstreams as Canadians. TWICE. Shown to be toxic -- especially to newborns and babies -- it's incredibly disturbing that Americans seem to be loading on the chemical found in plastics that can also cause infertility.

This article also says that the BPA findings are actually "a mystery." Ummmm, let's see. How about I solve that mystery for you really quickly?


BPA in products for babies and young children was BANNED in 2008 in Canada. Yet we still can't seem to get even a liberal state like California to pass a ban on poisoning our children in the good old U.S. of A. Why is that, exactly? Right, capitalism. You can't possibly ban anything that could make someone money. So rather than take care of our citizens' health, let's just look at this BPA overload as an opportunity for all of those "green" companies to get rich off of BPA-free bottles, sippy cups, and plastic containers.

In the meantime, too bad for the poor people who can't afford all those "fancy," "non-poisonous" toys and food containers! You don't mind a little side of cancer with your cereal, do you?

Seriously, not to blame moms -- since we have plenty of other things to do -- but how is it our neighbors to the north consistently place a higher value on the health and well-being of their citizens? And if not moms, then who will write letters to our Congresspeople, and vote with their mom-conscience on issues that directly impact our children's health?

We need to step up, American moms. This is getting embarrassing.

Do you think BPA should be banned in America?


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