Christopher Earl Glass Murders Baby Son, Despite Restraining Order (VIDEO)

Christopher Earl Glass
Chris Glass
Christopher Earl Glass, 17, of Los Angeles abducted his 5-month-old son Christopher Glass, Jr. from the babysitter yesterday and then stabbed him to death amid a police chase. My God ...

This tragedy, which did end with police killing Glass, takes us back just a few weeks ago when Jose Esteban Rodriguez, ex-boyfriend to 4-year-old Juliani Cardenas' mother (she's currently pregnant with Rodriguez's baby), snatched Juliani and drove himself and the boy into a nearby canal to their drowning deaths.

As we see another horrifying murder at the hands of a dad in crisis -- while simultaneously watching Charlie Sheen, father of five, go nuts on TV, threaten the mother of his kids, and lose his twin toddlers to social services -- it does make us question if we're doing enough for dads in crisis, be it from drug abuse, mental illness, or rage management issues. I'm afraid we are not, and sadly restraining orders aren't protecting anyone either.


Here's the Christopher Glass news story that ran last night:


A restraining order sadly wasn't enough in this case, and it's often not enough for many violent offenders who find themselves so out of sorts with anger. They feel the only revenge against the mother of their children is to take the child out -- and usually themselves. This powerlessness and the resulting violence must come from some seriously self-centered, desperate, and dark feelings inside.

There are so many factors that might have contributed to Glass's violent crime, but I do wish there was a way we could work to prevent them. Becoming a father at 17 or 47 isn't easy, especially if you and the mother of your child have a tumultuous relationship. Can the parents and families help these young parents to compromise or coexist in their baby's life? Sure. Is that enough? Maybe not. Mandatory anger management classes often coincide with restraining orders, but Charlie Sheen is a perfect example of their ineffectiveness for some people.

In the meantime, parents with violent exes or spouses absolutely must come to believe that we can NEVER EVER underestimate where pain, anger, and powerlessness may lead a person. No matter how hard it is to believe, restraining order or none, if a person shows violent tendencies or makes threats, we just have to believe that they may turn those hateful feelings into action. And if you do have a restraining order, make your family members, babysitters, teachers, and school administrators aware so they can call 9-1-1 if they see that person on the premises or near your child.

After all, who knows what makes anger boil over into murder? We've seen it happen too many times to discount its power or volatility, and we must protect the innocent children, first and foremost, by keeping this cautious nature in tact at all times.

Our hearts go out to the family of dear Christopher Glass, Jr.

Do you think we do enough for dads in crisis, like Glass or Charlie Sheen?


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