'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Time to Grow Up, Already

Episode eight of Teen Mom 2 had three-quarters of the teen moms acting ridiculously immature and the other quarter going through some serious, serious problems with their baby.

The juxtaposition of the ridiculous problems most of these kids are having -- who am I dating? Might my boyfriend cheat on me? Who will I smoke pot with if my boyfriend leaves? -- pale in comparison to the very real and big problems Leah and Corey are having with their daughter Ali.

Their daughter has nystagmus, or rapid involuntary movements of the eyes, and strabismus, an inward turning of the eye often caused by nystagmus, which we wrote about Tuesday on The Stir. During this episode, she had to have an MRI to get more information on the condition.


The horror and pain that these poor parents have to go through together with their sick daughter does seem to have one "positive" part (if you can call it that). They are so much closer. Watching Corey and Leah embrace and collapse into tears outside the MRI room made me tear up, too, but it also makes me think that these two will be able to weather future problems together with aplomb.

There is no doubt that it's bringing them closer together, and I'm quite certain that of any couple in the past two seasons, they really do have the best shot at making a real marriage work. But wow, did I feel for them. My son had to have an MRI around the same age and I, too, was a mess. I cried and cried when he had to be sedated and I am twice Leah's age.

Watching these kids deal with and face such grown-up problems made it very hard to watch Jenelle and her boyfriend Kieffer, who smoke pot on her mother's porch, babysit baby Jace like they are two silly teenagers who know nothing about kids and fight about who they can mooch off of for rent next week.

The same goes for Chelsea and Kailyn. They may be fine moms, but Chelsea's dad does everything for her and all she does is whine about whether or not Adam will hook up with another girl at the restaurant he hypothetically may end up working in if he gets a job, period. Kailyn has her own stress with the 6'6" guy she is dating behind Jo's back.

OK, so all of their lives are stressful, but the scale is so way off. It's hard to watch the other three girls engage in such pettiness when something so real is happening to Leah. I want to scream at the screen, "Grow UP girls!"

It should give us all perspective. No matter how stressful parenthood is, if our children are healthy, we truly have it all.

Does this drive you crazy, too?


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