Gretchen Mol Had to Give Her Daughter a Weird Name

gretchen molAnother celebrity mom had a baby -- Boardwalk Empire's Gretchen Mol gave birth to a little girl on February 17. Everyone is doing fine, both mama and bambina are healthy and happy. Yeah! She also announced her wee one's name: Winter Morgan Williams.

Hmmm, okay. Winter. Not the worst I've heard (Fifi Trixiebell, anyone?), but also not following the latest celeb baby trend of naming offspring "normal" names. 

But I'm not knocking her. Nope. She did what she had to do to match her son's name: Ptolemy John Williams.

Yup, Ptolemy. With a name like that, there's no way she could have named her new little girl Jane.


You know, sibling name matching. When you are naming your second child, you have to take into account what you named your first kiddo. Do they work together, do they roll off the tongue together? Are they the same level of classic-ness or are they both wonko? All of those baby name books and websites say you should match the same style of name.

Here's an example: if you named your son Aiden and give birth to another bouncing baby boy, you can't name him Eugene. That's just being plain mean to your second-born -- he would always be the geeky one. Now, Aiden and Taylor are a nice match. Maybe Aiden and Jace. Lovely together. See? Those sibling names match.

Another one straight from the headlines: Apple and Moses. We all slam poor Gwyneth for her name choice, but really, there's no way Moses was gonna be Marvin, Matthew, or Mel. She started off with one weird name, so any sibling of Apple's was gonna have a name that's a bit kookadoo. She was following the rules, people.

So, Ptolemy and Winter. They go together. We may not like it, but Gretchen was just doing what she had to do.

Did you match your kids' names?


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