Neil Patrick Harris & Elton John Throw Hippest Play Date Ever!

neil patrick harrisThink of the first few play dates you had with your new baby. It wasn't really about having your baby play with another kid. It was much more about connecting with other parents going through the same thing you were -- sharing stories about the night feedings, revealing the weird stuff your baby does, getting hints on the best bottles and strollers. 

Celebs Neil Patrick Harris and Sir Elton John are no different. The TV star and pop legend got their kids together for a little play date. Yup, Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish brought little Zachary over to play with Neil's twins, Harper and Gideon. Sure, the twins are older by a few months, but that doesn't matter in Babydom.

Can we say hippest play date ever?


We all have play dates. Some good, some bad. Some are awesome, where you just "click" with the parents and sometimes you become better friends than your kids do.

Some play dates, well, oy. You meet a mom at the park, she seems cool, your kids seem to enjoy each other, so you set up a date to bring the kiddo over to their abode to play and have some coffee (or vino). You arrive and have entered The Play Date From Hell. She collects crocheted potholders and tries to sell you Amway for two hours. You fake an allergy to scones just to get out of there.

But, I doubt this celeb dad play date had anything but laughter and good times. Just imagine it: Hipness exuding from the burb cloths. Witty banter making the baby mobile twirl. Heck, the lullabies for naptime alone would be Grammy-worthy (remember Neil's been on Broadway and has a killer singing voice). Who wouldn't want to get storytelling tips from these dads, masters of the stage and screen?

Alas, no word if Zachary's godmother, Lady Gaga, tagged along.

Do you have a great play date story? What about a play date from hell?

Image via david_shakbone/Flickr

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