New Baby Name Trend: Location, Location, Location

baby named after elevatorIn a super cute story out of Kansas, a baby girl was so anxious to arrive she was born in the hospital elevator on the way to the delivery ward. So naturally mom and dad have taken to calling the baby girl "Ellee." (Side note: we named our dog ELI, since she was found on the Long Island Expressway -- L.I.E. -- so I'm feeling a special kinship to little Ellee. And yes, I know a dog is not the same thing as a baby.)

While the baby's given name is actually Alyssa Lynn, it's certainly a fun way to name babies. Of course my baby girl might be named "St. Vincent's" and my boy "NYU," but for those who arrived in a much more dramatic fashion, this location trend could be a heck of a lot of fun.

For instance:


On the side of the road: "Curby"

In your bed: "Queen" or "King" depending on the size of your family bed

At the mall: "Spencer's Gifts"

In the bathtub: "Michael Phelps"

At the prom: "Remember" as in "A Night To ..."

During the World Series: "Striker"

On an airplane: "Mile-y"

While getting a manicure: "Ruby Red"

In the subway: "Downtown," "N, Q, R"

While riding a bike: "Lance"

At the hair salon: "Bob"

During aerobics class: "Richard Simmons"

While trick or treating: "Mr. Goodbar"

At the zoo: "Monkey Butt"

During the Academy Awards: "Oscar" (duh)

In a cab: "Cabbie," "Meter," or "Hey, asshole!"

Would you name your baby after the place he/she was born?


Image via loufi/Flickr

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