Sleep-Deprived Mom Forgets Baby, Not Wallet, At Home

sleeping babyRaise your hand if you are sleep-deprived! I would raise both of mine, but then I wouldn't be able to type. Yeah, it's a constant state of being for a mom, especially a mom of a newborn. Not getting enough sleep can make us do crazy things. Take Sue, a sleep-deprived mother of two, in Australia. She left her house to go pick up her older son from school ... and forgot her baby sleeping in his crib. 

Sue just got in the car, started driving ... and then realized what happened. She freaked out, and rightly so. She was too far to turn around. What's a mom to do? Not caring if she would face child endangerment charges, she dialed the emergency number for the police, all of her neighbors, anyone she could think of to go and check on her baby son. Who was found still sleeping in his crib.


I think the best part about this story is that she didn't get in trouble. She didn't get her son taken away. Nope, everyone understood this was an accident, this was a result of a mega lack of sleep. I'm not so sure if that's because of where it happened (in Australia) or that it was a small town or what, but I'm thrilled that common sense ruled in a situation like this.

Now, I've done a lot of wackadoo things because of lack of sleep. Put my wallet in the fridge, forgot to put on a bra only to realize it in the middle of a big work meeting, blanked on my phone number about 83 times, just to name a few. Okay, I've never forgotten my kid. But I can totally see how it can happen.

Sleep-deprivation is a serious thing. Check out WebMD, and you see the list of all of the ailments that result from not enough zzzzzzzs: decreased alertness, memory impairment, depression, heart attack -- do I need to go on?

Sue explained she hadn't slept for two days! It's a good thing she didn't get into a car accident, especially once she realized what had happened and got all fuggumelled. Geez, no sleep for two days while caring for two kids? I doubt if I'd be able to say the alphabet, let alone drive a car.

Should she have gotten in trouble? What have you done because of lack of sleep?


Image via peasap/Flickr

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