Kanye West Twitter Controversy IS Birth Control

Kanye West is crass, rude and sometimes over the top, but he speaks the truth a lot of the time. And last Wednesday, when he tweeted that women are having babies on purpose to get money, he was telling the truth. According to Kanye:

An abortion can cost a ballin' n***a up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin' b*tches be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n***as!

OK, so it is crass (check) and it is rude (check), but it also true. There are women who will get pregnant on purpose and not always even just from pro athletes. What is the quickest way to get a man to commit? Get knocked up! There really are women out there who want to get pregnant to get a commitment or get money or just to have a child in general and any man who does not protect himself is kind of playing with fire.


Between my son and my daughter, I worry a lot more about my son sexually. Both men and women can be moronic when it comes to sex, but for men there are fewer options both before sex and after.

A woman can take the pill. We can get an IUD or use a diaphragm, we can get Norplant or a cervical cap. A man has a condom and a vasectomy and that's it. And once a woman is pregnant with his child, forget about it. He has no choices, no options and if he even attempts to make one, then he is the ass*** who gets called everything from deadbeat to d*ckhead and loses all options once the court is involved.

Kanye speaks the truth. Men don't need more condoms, they need more Kanye!

The fact is, in a perfect world, guys would not have sex with women they were not prepared to procreate with. Men need to understand that any time they have sex with a woman, they risk a baby and they risk the chance that she will choose to carry to term. That said, any woman who purposely gets pregnant when the guy is not ready to be a father is not someone I would choose to befriend. Even if it was an "accident on purpose" it is a pretty crappy thing to do.

Of course, the women who do such things may get money. They may get the child support or even the ring. They may even get the house. But in the long run, the total package -- the happy, intact family and long term love -- that is a lot less likely. Getting pregnant on purpose when the dad is not on board is bad for everyone.

Thank you Kanye for reminding us of this.

Do you think Kanye is telling the truth?

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