Out of Control Baby Trashes Bar (VIDEO)

If you have ever felt like living with children is a lot like living with rowdy, drunken frat boys, then you will appreciate this video from filmmaker Johannes Nyholm. In less than two minutes, a baby trashes an entire restaurant and bar, eating food off plates, knocking over tables, and smearing food all over her face.

And while the video is a joke (and the "people" are puppets), there is truth in comedy. Babies really are a bit like drunken barroom messes. See the video for yourself ....


A baby who just learned to walk does walk like a person who has had too much to drink, and a baby who is just learning to eat and drink is a lot like a rowdy bar patron. Anyone who has ever had a baby can probably relate to this video (unfortunately) on some level.

And if you can't laugh at it, you will probably cry. Babies are uncouth, slobbery, destructive, and clumsy. They walk funny, slur their speech, and smear their food in their hair. But they are cute and lovable and sweet.

Enjoy their craziness and get a laugh at it now. When they are acting the same in 17 years, it won't be nearly as cute!

Did this video make you laugh?


Image via YouTube

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