'Teen Mom 2' Recap: There Are No Happy Endings

Teen Mom 2 AliEventually teens have to grow up, and the girls of Teen Mom 2 faced one of the hard lessons of adulthood last night. Happily ever after makes for a great fairy tale ending. But fairy tales aren't real.

Giving birth and becoming moms didn't force them to grow up, but maybe what the four girls of Teen Mom needed was some of the romance of the situation ripped away. Big chunks disappeared last night.


The most heartbreaking story, as always, came from Leah's house. Corey continues to prove he's the Tyler of this season, taking the engagement ring he picked up last week and tying it to the end of a fishing line on a special fishing trip/marriage proposal for Leah. Normally I'd be wary of kids getting married so soon, but the troubles with their twins have matured this couple big time. Seeing a grin on Leah's face after all their heartbreak did a body good.

Alas, it didn't last. Ali's scheduled MRI hangs over Leah and Corey's head (why has it taken this long?), and she's still not rolling over. And now, to top it all off, she's got vision problems. A trip to the eye doctor revealed she's not focusing well, and one eye turning inward may require surgery. Watching a hysterical Leah on the phone to her mom describing the doctor's worst warning -- that this could be a sign of problems in her brain -- just undid all those warm gushy feelings.

Then there's Jenelle. Oh Jenelle. Finally doing something right, she's headed to college an hour away, and she's keeping Jace in mind as she looks for apartments that will provide enough room for him. Of course she's bringing Kieffer along to Wilmington, and it doesn't take Jenelle's whiny mother to tell us this won't end well. Jenelle, the first sign to dump him should have been his willingness to use your college financial aid for rent!

First day in Wilmington, and she gets a job waitressing to cover the rent. Kieffer just gets a big pissy attitude. Fast-forward to the two living together, and Jenelle is out busting her butt for college. Guess where Kieffer is? Oh, right, at home in the apartment Jenelle is paying for. The only good news is Jenelle might be getting the picture about her lover boy.

Talking about useless boyfriends, Chelsea continues to beat the "Adam is wonderful drum." But even she's starting to find some chinks in her knight's armor. Remember that pledge that he'd put her and Aubree before his cars? That's already out the window. And when Chelsea needs to go visit the beauty school to talk about her enrollment, Daddy is too busy sleeping to take care of his daughter.

Chelsea, honey, you may like playing happy families with a Mommy, Daddy, and a baby, but the only knight in your life is your dad. You know, the guy paying for your apartment and reminding you that you'd get done with high school faster if Adam woke up for 20 minutes a day and spent time with his daughter so you could study?

Kailyn, the final piece in the Teen Mom 2 quartet, is on the opposite track. She's given up on Jo, and while that's good for her, she's overreaching. Kailyn has dreams of moving out of Jo's parents' house with Isaac and being supermom. It's a lofty goal, and the toxic relationship that she has with Jo is not conducive to a shared apartment. But she admitted she makes $500 a month, and she was hoping for a place with $400 rent.

Jo proved he's a jerk by shooting her a nasty F-bomb riddled text message, but he understands finances. Two incomes together work better than one income alone. Going out on their own just isn't feasible.

Are these girls finally getting the picture that growing up is hard?


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