Bottle Claims to Look Like a Boob? Not Mine.

very hungry bottleAdvice. You get it out the wazhoo when you have a baby. It's thrown at you from every direction on every topic -- how to best get rid of cradle cap (olive oil head rub anyone?), how many layers the baby should wear outside (one more than you wear, natch), etc.

If you're breastfeeding, when to introduce the bottle is a big one. Some will tell you if your introduce too soon, your little one won't go back to the boob. Introduce too late and you may have yourself a picky-bottle baby. Not good when you want to still nurse, but may have to go back to work outside the home or if you want Dad to do a nighttime feeding (ahhh, sleep!).

So, the developers at mimijumi came up with a new bottle, the Very Hungry bottle, that's supposed to mimic the flow -- and appearance of the boob. I wonder ... would this bottle fool your baby?


I was lucky in the bottle department. My daughter took to it pretty well, so I didn't have this problem, but had a lot of friends who did. And each one of them struggled until finding a bottle that their baby finally got used to ... but it was a tough, tiring road.

So this Very Hungry bottle looks pretty good. It touts that the nipple "mimics a breast in color and texture." Really? Not so sure about that. My boob sure doesn't look like that. Where's the lumpy-bumpy areola? And the moles? Maybe a stray hair here or there? And what if you are a mom with darker or lighter skin color?  Not sure this is as big of a selling point as the three different flows to choose from.

What does intrigue me is the skid-proof bottom -- you can fill up the bottle and chunk on the nipple one-handed, which is a great idea. For anyone who's tried to fill a bottle with a crying baby in your arms, this could be a life-changer.

Reviewer after reviewer on their website raves about how the bottle is a miracle product. This is all well and good, but I have to say, the one piece of advice I got, tucked away, and refer to often is: no baby is the same. This bottle may work wonders for one picky-bottle kid, but may do bupkis for another.

Would you try -- or have you already tried -- the Very Hungry bottle?


Image via mImijumi

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