Baby Named 'Facebook' in for a Lifetime of Teasing


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While most democracy-loving, revolution-supporting people felt a thrill as the Egyptian President-for-life was tossed out at the will of the people, only one man took his excitement to a whole other level: New dad Jamal Ibriham named his new baby daughter Facebook, in honor of the social networking site's role in the Egyptian uprising. Let's hope she got a traditional middle name.

Instead of naming his daughter after, say, Google exec and unofficial civilian spokesperson Wael Ghonim (yes, it's a boy name, but isn't Facebook a bit masculine?), dad decided the best name was something a drunk Harvard student made up during an act of revenge. Poor little Facebook, she's not going to have an easy time of it, is she?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but wouldn't Twitter even have been a little bit better?

Or, with just a tiny bit of thought, any of these other Egyptian names for girls might have captured the spirit of the youth movement and government overthrow, without the saddling of a name like "Facebook."

Ana -- means "the sun," as in a new day

Menhit -- means the power of light, heat

Berenice -- means "bringing victory"

Shadya -- means "delight, joy, pleasure"

Kartek -- means "spark holder"

Ma -- means "truth"

Zahra -- means "blooming, flourishing" or "flower"

Bast -- means "impulse, motion"

Aahhotep -- means "peace of the moon"

Shai-Nefer -- means "good destiny"

Ka -- means "existence"

What do you think about baby Facebook?


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ummm...  really?

Kris Gamble

... All I got from this article is that I can't believe you believed that movie. It's hollywood. Mark himself said that's not really how it happened. He was dating the same person through the whole thing.

Stephanie Cramer

I think a lot of it is cultural. My boyfriend is from Jordan, and I've had a lot of interesting experiences while staying there. I've found that Arabs aren't as concerned  about how a name sounds as much as what it means. My boyfriend and I have had plenty of arguments about names. He won't even consider a name if it doesn't have a good meaning. This is a huge thing for Egypt, so of course they're going to want to celebrate it in anyway they can.
Americans are definitely more concerned about how a name sounds and flows with the last name. Arabs don't do middle names like we do either. Their middle names are their father's first names, even the girls. So basically, her name will be Facebook Jamal.

If that little girl were American, I'd feel sorry for her. But if the kids in Egypt are anything like they are in Jordan, she'll be popular for having a name no one else has. 

Victoria Goins

April, you seem to be really obsessed with what people name their children and whether or not it will lead to teasing. Could this be because you yourself were teased? If so, get over it. What these parents did was a beautiful thing and you just c****ed all over it for no good reason.

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