Baby Named 'Facebook' in for a Lifetime of Teasing

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While most democracy-loving, revolution-supporting people felt a thrill as the Egyptian President-for-life was tossed out at the will of the people, only one man took his excitement to a whole other level: New dad Jamal Ibriham named his new baby daughter Facebook, in honor of the social networking site's role in the Egyptian uprising. Let's hope she got a traditional middle name.

Instead of naming his daughter after, say, Google exec and unofficial civilian spokesperson Wael Ghonim (yes, it's a boy name, but isn't Facebook a bit masculine?), dad decided the best name was something a drunk Harvard student made up during an act of revenge. Poor little Facebook, she's not going to have an easy time of it, is she?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but wouldn't Twitter even have been a little bit better?


Or, with just a tiny bit of thought, any of these other Egyptian names for girls might have captured the spirit of the youth movement and government overthrow, without the saddling of a name like "Facebook."

Ana -- means "the sun," as in a new day

Menhit -- means the power of light, heat

Berenice -- means "bringing victory"

Shadya -- means "delight, joy, pleasure"

Kartek -- means "spark holder"

Ma -- means "truth"

Zahra -- means "blooming, flourishing" or "flower"

Bast -- means "impulse, motion"

Aahhotep -- means "peace of the moon"

Shai-Nefer -- means "good destiny"

Ka -- means "existence"

What do you think about baby Facebook?


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