Will La Leche League's 'Got Breastmilk?' Slogan Make Them Lose Support?

La Leche League, the leaders who promote breastfeeding, decided to riff off the California Milk Processor Board's (CMPB) slogan of "Got Milk?" and make "Got Breastmilk?" part of their new campaign. LLL even has the blessing from the CMPB, who says that they fully support La Leche League and see human breastmilk as the most natural and effective way of satisfying the needs of the baby. 

And with the new slogan comes some seriously adorable new swag, but will LLL lose support as a result of their agreement?


Not all of the "Got Breastmilk" items are available yet, and I think it sucks that the CMPB gets 50 percent of the proceeds, but I guess that comes with the territory of getting permission to use a trademarked slogan.

Some people may not love breastfeeding paraphernalia -- and we know there are those who complain about formula-related baby clothes. But we should see this cause as a good one, and an important one -- one that might help increase breastfeeding rates of success. In fact, my WIC office (and many others) gives out super-cute breastfeeding gear to moms, such as the shirt my daughter has that said, "Breastmilk: the original fast food." A better message than "Spoiled Princess," don't you think?

I love the gear, and I also buy local, non-homogenized (though still pasteurized) milk for my family, but we drink it in moderation. I'm worried, though, that La Leche League may alienate some of the active anti-milk crowd with this move, especially with the share of profits. The dairy industry really pushes milk, despite some legitimate concerns about its health effects -- both in the way it affects the body and just in the amount American parents tend to feed, often filling the tummy of a toddler and then lamenting why their child won't eat more "real" food. Dr. Sears says that despite the bad press, milk offers good nutrition.

But no other mammal species continues to drink any milk after they wean (generally around the time baby teeth/"milk" teeth begin to fall out), so once children have stopped drinking breastmilk, especially when nursed full-term, a lot of people question why we'd need to continue drinking milk, especially from another species ... and that "milk after breastmilk" angle is exactly the one that is being pushed by the CMPB. 

What do you think of LLL teaming up with the CMPB for their new slogan and swag?


Images via LLL Store

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