Sarah Palin Betrays Breastfeeding Cause to Bash Obama

sarah palinMichelle Obama's comment that breastfeeding should be part of the "Let's Move" campaign to reduce childhood obesity is just plain logical. She wasn't telling anyone they "had" to breastfeed, no more than the IRS offering to have pumps bought through flex accounts be tax deductible is "forcing" you to buy a pump ... WIC doesn't "force" you to formula feed by offering formula either.

Yet Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had to disagree, saying it promoted a "nanny state." Right, you know, because helping women who return to work afford high-quality pumps is so terrible. Reminder: It saves the government money when women don't get formula from WIC. 

Of course, Sarah Palin had to jump in the fray too. Sigh.


Now, let me remind you guys that Sarah Palin is totally supportive of breastfeeding. During the presidential campaigns, she discussed pumping in the office, "putting down the BlackBerry, and picking up the breast pump" and even declared October "Breastfeeding Awareness Month."

She definitely is a pro-breastfeeding mom, and does it while juggling some extensive work elsewhere, which earns her some Mommy-Kudos from me, for sure. But then Sarah Palin went insane and had to go and say:

No wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody, ‘You better breast-feed your baby.' Yeah, you’d better, because the price of milk is so high right now.

Um. Huh?

I'm sorry but what the heck is she even talking about? Is she suggesting that an alternative to breastfeeding is cow's milk? Because it's not -- offering cow's milk before the first birthday can cause intestinal bleeding and is not recommended.

Is she supporting Obama, saying that breastfeeding saves money because formula is expensive? I seriously can't tell.

One thing is for sure though, Michelle Obama told NO ONE "you better breastfeed." They've been very, very clear that their goal, just like that of the Surgeon General, is to help prevent obstacles for women who HAVE ALREADY CHOSEN to breastfeed from interfering and preventing them from reaching their goals. Letting people know that it has the benefit of producing less obese children is just why it fits in her campaign -- just like how breastfeeding is a big part of breast cancer awareness, as it significantly reduces breast cancer rates the longer you breastfeed, even giving an advantage over women who've never had children.

So I'm left with just thinking she tried to take a shot at the First Lady and went against her normal admirable breastfeeding support platform, jumping on the bandwagon of psychos who make sane conservatives look bad, but ended up saying something unintelligible ... again, for what? To make a partisan issue out of one that totally isn't?

What do you think Sarah Palin's point was? Was she just jumping on the 'Bash Michelle Obama' bandwagon without thinking how it would support her OWN cause of breastfeeding awareness?


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