Little Mommy Doll: Creepiest. Doll. Ever.

creepy dollAt the Toy Fair 2011, we saw lots of dolls. Of course, dolls are one of the essential playthings of childhood along with LEGOs, Tinker Toys, and Chutes and Ladders. Almost every kid, boy or girl, has a doll of some kind. Plastic dolls, handmade dolls, Cabbage Patch dolls, Batman dolls.

Here at The Stir, we've seen our fair share of dolls. Let me rephrase that. We've seen our fair share of creepy dolls -- we've seen the weird replica dolls (like one of Princess Diana) and ones that are too life-like.

Meet Mattel's Little Mommy doll. Creepiest. Doll. Ever.


With amazing state-of-the art technology, this doll is supposed to bring the experience of being a mommy to your daughter. It has sensors to react to your child's touch. The doll may need a kiss on the glowing red spot on her knee or elbow -- which disappears when your little girl kisses it.

This is a "smart" doll. This is a robo-doll. This is HAL meets Strawberry Shortcake. This is Joshua (from WarGames) meets Raggedy Ann, asking in a high-pitched computer monotone voice, "Shall we play a game, Mama?"

The Little Mommy doll makes me think one thing and one thing only: it's gonna kill me in my sleep. Picture it. Two a.m., there's a hush in the house. We see Little Mommy doll and her eyes suddenly pop open. She turns her head slowly one way and then the other. She gets up and toddles past the play kitchen, steps over an open coloring book, and goes down the hallway. She stops at the master bedroom door. Her eyes are glowing devil red.

Yup, she's a devil doll. She's the spawn of Chucky. Whatever name you call her, she's creepy with a capital creeps the crap out of me

Sure, I think a little girl may like it, may play with it for a little while, but the creep factor makes it a "cold" doll. Not that it is icy to touch, no -- though it's trying to re-create the warmth of a mommy experience, there is no warmth to this doll. And the fact that it's so "smart," well, it doesn't leave much room for my child to even imagine anything different.

What do you think of these "smart" dolls?


Image via puuikibeach/Flickr

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