Another Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Off Facebook

breastfeedingSigh. Really, people? Again? This is getting old. We have another story for you about a mom breastfeeding her kiddo and being told she wasn't allowed to do that.

This time it wasn't in a museum security guard telling her to stop. No, this time it was -- wait for it, ladies -- Facebook.

Yup, the place where you can post a status update about, well, anything really. You can post about poop, you can post an obvious double entendre, you can even post swear words. You can post YouTube videos with 37 couples "grinding."

But Leslie Power, a psychologist from Chile, couldn't post a picture of her breastfeeding her baby. Her account was closed.

It wasn't the first time this has happened. And sadly, it probably won't be the last.


We've all seen pictures we don't want to see on Facebook -- your ex with his new squeeze, an old high school photo of you with that (regrettable) perm someone had the grand idea to post, photos that your crazy cousin uploads that are just ... weird.

Of course, if you search around Facebook, you see a bunch of boobies. Boobs in low-cut blouses, ta-tas in tight tops, busts literally busting out. All of those pictures -- and those accounts -- are still there.

So I just don't get why this woman's account was closed. Yes, if people are posting porno shots or pics of them "exposing" themselves in erotic acts, that I get. Close their accounts. But, and we've said it again and again, there is a difference -- a HUGE difference -- between a picture of a mother feeding her baby and two girls "gettin' it on." 

This mom is just feeding her baby, it isn't obscene, it isn't offensive. It's a kid eating. How many times do we have to explain this?

Yes, Facebook did the right thing and restored her account. No, I don't think we should avoid Facebook. I actually think Facebook is great. Great for connecting, great for sharing pictures and for sharing stories like this so maybe it won't happen again.

Do you think this breastfeeding mom should have been kicked off of Facebook?


Image via sdminor81/Flickr

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