'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Where Is the Love?

The sixth episode of Teen Mom 2 showed other sides to some of the issues we have seen the moms deal with all season, and it was a pretty eye-opening one.

Kailyn is dealing with the stress of being effectively homeless and debating whether or not she should stay with Jo, the father of her son. Ultimately, she decides to (kinda) break up with him, though she is still in his parents' house, so not totally? It's unclear.

In one of the saddest scenes in the episode (though not the saddest! Stay tuned for that honor!), Jenelle is invited to her son's birthday party thrown by his grandmother (Jenelle's mother) Barbara. The party is sweet and little Jace looks happy with his blue frosting and cake, but Jenelle's face was too depressing. She's his mom and yet she acts more like a wayward aunt. It's a sad, sad, sad situation.


As usual, a lot of the episode was sad, in fact. This episode focused a lot more on what the parents of these teenage mothers feel. And it was really not a pretty picture.

Every episode, I go a little back and forth on who the bad guy is between Jenelle and her mother. This episode, I leaned toward Barbara. After all, she raised Jenelle. Whatever problems Jenelle has -- and there are many -- came from somewhere. So even though Barbara is involved with Jace, her attitude toward Jenelle actually does the opposite of empower her. Jenelle will never be able to be the mom she could be with Barbara constantly berating her and telling her how worthless she is.

By far, the saddest drama of the night was Chelsea. Poor mixed up, sweet Chelsea, who cannot stand up to that piece of poop she calls "family" to save her life. Last night, she lost her best friend Megan because her boyfriend (Adam) basically drove her out of her life with harassing text messages and outbursts. He is worse than just a freeloading deadbeat, he is also toxic.

The way he treats Chelsea isn't love, not by a long shot. It's somewhere between benign neglect and outright abuse. To force her to choose between the girl who babysat for Aubrey, helped her through her break-ups, and generally was a much better friend than he will ever be is nothing short of abusive. Watching Chelsea's helpless father see his daughter lose her best friend for her loser boyfriend was painful. Equally painful was watching Adam try to talk Chelsea out of having to pay rent and child support.

"If I pay it, Megan should, too," he said. Clearly he is a user, a freeloader, and even worse. It also wouldn't surprise me to learn that MTV made it worth his while to stay around and that is the only reason he's there. Of all the baby daddies so far on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, Adam is far and away the worst. I hope Chelsea gets the sense to kick him where it will hurt some time before the end of the show.

It wasn't all bad, of course. There was one place where love was blooming on the show. It looks like Corey will pop the question to Leah. The two seem committed to communication and raising their two girls together, so if they want to get married, I say more power to them! We need some happy stories up in here, stat.

Do you think Adam is the worst baby daddy ever?


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