Baby Born With 12 Fingers, 14 Toes & World Record?

baby toesThe second after you give birth, questions come flowing out of you (almost as fast as the tears of joy, exhaustion, happiness). "Is she healthy?" are probably the first words out of your mouth -- and "Can I hold her?" a close second.

You know the saying, "10 fingers, 10 toes, and a button nose." Supposed to be all of the signs of a "healthy" baby. Well, the mom of Le Yati Min from Myanmar was probably surprised when she asked about her baby and was told, well, a different number. She was born with 6 fingers on each hand and 7 toes on each foot -- add it up. That's 12 plus 14, which is a whopping 26 digits, folks.

Gotta admit, the first thought that popped into my mind was, "I hope she knows how to knit because there's no way Baby Gap is gonna have gloves to fit her."


So, the girl is now 16 months old, and they haven't removed the extra toes and fingers. They are currently waiting for, what else, the Guinness Book of World Records to come and confirm the count, which would place her as the world record holder for highest number of fingers and toes.

I have to say, I'm wondering if this would hinder her foot or hand growth or impair her ability to function at all? According to her parents, no. After a little Goggleuthing, I've read that most babies have an extra pinkie finger or toe removed fairly soon after birth -- if there's no bone. If there's bone in the extra digit, it's a whole other ball game. She's kept her soon-to-be famous 26. Perhaps she'll go into sports (she'll be able to palm the b-ball no problem) or perhaps get into music (Juilliard here we come).

I had complications when my daughter was born. I was so hazy due to the anesthesia, I just kept asking over and over again about her Apgar score and then asked about her SAT score. I totally forgot to ask for the finger and toe total.

When I read stories like this, I always think "what would I do" (I also do this while watching the Amazing Race as to which Detour my husband and I would do or who would complete the Road Block). If my daughter had been born with 12 fingers and 14 toes, I think I would probably have the extras removed. Of course, at the proper time, listening to the advice of my docs. Of course, it would be a hard decision to make.

The good part? No matter how many toes and fingers she has, her mama can always buy her mittens.

Would you get an extra finger or toe removed from your baby? 


Image via surlygirl/Flickr

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