5 Things I Actually Miss About Being Pregnant

pregnant momI'm a nostalgic person. I can't help it. I love to save little mementos and find myself missing a random hotel room just days after a brief but memorable vacation. Even though pregnancy comes with its share of uncomfortable symptoms, there are a few aspects of my experience that make this new mom a little nostalgic.

Here, in no particular order, are five things I actually miss about being pregnant:


1. A Second Breakfast. Pregnant Pam talked about this on The Office as she chowed down with Kevin on a daily basis, but it's the real deal. While pregnancy shouldn't really be an excuse to pig out -- we only need an additional 300 calories, after all -- it's fun to indulge once morning sickness has passed, and I would look forward to second breakfast every day. It was an excuse to take a mid-morning break and butter a delicious corn muffin or spread some Nutella on an English muffin. Yum. I miss second breakfast.

2. Being Pampered. While I do not miss carrying around so much extra weight that my feet and back killed, I really loved getting a ride to the subway every day from my husband. Or getting a back rub from him at the end of the day. I was also excused from doing the dishes (it's really hard with that big belly!) and cooking for the most part, so I did a lot of sitting on my big ass.

3. The Anticipation. Don't get me wrong -- the end result of having a healthy, adorable baby is the best feeling ever -- but there's something very special about the fantasy that precedes it. I would daydream about my unborn daughter constantly, imagining what she might look like and what it would be like to hold her. Plus, there's so much planning that goes into the big event -- much like with a wedding -- that once it's over, you're like, "Wait, what just happened?"

4. The Quiet Time. Pregnancy really is the last time you'll have peace and quiet for a long time, with and without your husband. Even when baby's asleep, you're never really fully relaxed, so I advise all moms-to-be to enjoy the silence.

5. The Belly. I loved my baby bump. I loved watching it grow every day, rubbing some soothing balm on it every night and feeling my baby kick me from inside. That truly is the closest you'll ever be to your baby! There's no other feeling like it.

What do you miss about being pregnant?

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