Penelope Cruz Gives Baby Normal Name, Gwyneth Gasps!


baby feetYesterday, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz announced the name of their son: Leo Encinas Cruz.

Leo. I like it. Normal, but not common. Easy to pronounce. Won't get him totally picked on at school. Bravo, Javier and Penelope, bravo. Thank you for giving your kid a normal name -- despite your celeb status and apparent free card to name your kid something weird.

Can we say the days of Moon Unit, Peanut Kai, and (sigh, Gwyneth!) Apple are gone? I know new parents, no matter the celeb status, get caught up in the joys of the new bambino and I know we are all sleep-deprived, but really, there's just no excuse for Pilot Inspektor.

Recent celeb births have given me hope that some sort of common sense has returned to the naming of famous offspring. Dare we speak the words "celeb baby normal name trend"?

Just this week, we welcomed Max (born to Cynthia Nixon and her partner Christine Marinoni). Another February baby: Tom Hanks' granddaughter, who was named Olivia Jane. Faith Margaret was the choice for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

In past months, we've seen Zachary (for Sir Elton John and his partner), Gideon and Harper (for Neil Patrick Harris and his partner). Sandra Bullock named her son Louis. Craig Ferguson and his wife named their new bundle of joy Liam.

See ... that's a lot. A lot means a trend. A trend of normal names. Nothing totally wonkadoo. Regular, basic names.

Mariah, Natalie, Pink -- please. I'm on my knees. Keep this trend going!

Do you care what celebs name their babies?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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I really don't care what anyone names their child. 

abbys... abbysmomma2010

Then why bother reading an article about it? Seems a little silly, no?

Sky Prince-Chubb

I like unique and uncommon names. If I run into any more bella, Jacob, Emma, or ashley's I'm going to faint.

Sky Prince-Chubb

I don't like crazy spelling though like ayshlee.

mrssu... mrssundin

I like any name that works for me and my family what other people do is good for them and their families.

nonmember avatar PrueBryant

I was convinced that Gwenyth was just picking random things in her house to name her children after.

I mean, it's bad enough these poor kids have to grow up in the spotlight and have their entire lives stalked by the paparazzi. Why should they have to suffer through 18 years (I'm assuming they'll have the sense to have them legally changed) of being named "Apple" or "Pilot Inspektor"? These are human beings, not dogs!

And don't even get me started on the not-famous masses who think naming their children "Advil", "Cholera", "Tequila", "Optimus Prime" (I swear to God I have a student named after a freaking cartoon robot), "Chickenfuker" (I shit you not), and "Areola" is a good idea.

nonmember avatar observer

As per the name of Gwyneth's daughter, it was a tribute to NYC, a touchy gesture. :)

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