What if Dads Could Breastfeed? (VIDEO)


Skin to skin is the closest he'll get.

If there's one thing I am constantly telling my husband since the birth of our daughter, it's that he's a hot dad. Besides the sheer hotness factor of watching him transform from a hot boyfriend to a hot husband to a hot dad, the sexiest things he does are things that help me be a better mom, and that includes being supportive when it comes to breastfeeding.

Dads can do any number of things to help out nursing moms, like cleaning and assembling that complex breast pump (seriously, why are there so many parts?), giving baby a bottle when you're needed elsewhere, and cooking since you're so busy feeding his child.

One dad that clearly "gets" breastfeeding is comedian/writer Tom Riles, the man behind the humorous blog Life of Dad, where babies do our laundry and men can breastfeed. Nice fantasy, huh? Well, check out this hilarious "Male Breastfeeding" PSA.

Okay, so a man wearing a Hooter Hider isn't necessarily sexy, but it is a very funny image. My favorite line is, "When I first started breastfeeding, it was a little awkward. It was hard for him to latch on, but now I find myself filling up faster than ever!" Clearly, Riles has paid attention to his wife's nursing woes. Unfortunately for dads, they'll just never have "that connection."

But what if they could? When 4 a.m. rolls around and the baby is restless for that next meal, think about it: We could keep sleeping. And with two people producing, there'd be enough pumped milk for a romantic weekend getaway. There'd be His and Hers nursing covers! Dads might even get addicted, and then we'd be fighting over whose turn is next.

Instead, they'll just have to settle for aiding in our tireless efforts to nourish their offspring.

How does your husband help with breastfeeding?

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nonmember avatar Anon

Technically, it is possible for a man to breastfeed.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Since I was the only one that could feed our son, my husband picked up the slack elsewhere.  He actually changed diapers, washed diapers, did stuff around the house, etc.


My husband was a huge help to me. He made sure I got plenty of sleep and would bring my son to me to eat, change him, and get him back to sleep, etc. 


In response to Anon, it is possible for men to produce a few drops...


momto... momtothemax2910

He pretty much waited on us hand and foot for the whole year. He was awesome.

Simpl... SimplyErathy

uhhhh not much :/ he keeps bugging me to wean :P my choice tho lol he dosent really do anything but bring home money..and then spend it on his car

Mythi... MythicMMM

Hubby fed myself and the kids as well as kept us hydrated and took over many of the chores and potty training when he was home from work. It has since stopped and I do miss it. LOL.

nonmember avatar lyzzbrett

When our daughter was first born, I had plugged ducts that were nearly impossible to relieve. I had to contort into a strange position and squeeze my boob really hard while my husband used the hand pump. Now that is what I call support.

Tempe... TempestRayne

he is verbally supportive, but since he is deployed he can't be much else :P

lovin... lovinMYtwins07

i have heard that men can actually produce some sort of "substance" if they are stimulated! crazy to imagine a man nursing! i love it so much i wouldn't want to split the feedings lol

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