'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Where Are the Good Dads Hiding?

The fifth episode of Teen Mom 2 moved the moms forward a little in school, life, and relationships with parents and significant others.

We got some insight into Jenelle's issues, and even though I still cannot believe she calls it "babysitting" to spend time with her own son, I'm sad for her that things are so hard in her life. No matter what she has done, nothing justifies calling your daughter a "slut" and maybe she would be a lot less messed up if her mother hadn't done such things.

And while Jenelle tries to pay for school and keeps fighting her mom, Chelsea is allowing her baby daddy (Adam) to move into the house and Kailyn is finally moving out of Jo's parents' home.

This episode really belonged to the dads, and sadly, not many of them are really stepping up.


Adam is such a horrendous person, it's hard not to scream at the screen and throttle Chelsea. What could she be thinking allowing this loser into her home? And why is her sweet and accommodating roommate allowing this?

Adam tried to change the diaper, and let the baby spread poop on his shirt and possibly on the carpet as well. He tossed the baby around a little, grunted some reactions Chelsea's way (causing her to swoon, of course), made himself a sandwich, and basically took a big dump on Chelsea's life.

The disappointment on her dad's face was unbearable and I so wanted him to really scold Chelsea for letting this loser back into her and Aubree's life, but he probably handled it the best way he could by insisting Adam contribute financially. He is, after all, Aubree's father, and he likely knows all the pain and heartache that will entail for the poor little girl. Aubree didn't get a dad as good as her mother's, that's for sure.

Jenelle's baby daddy is out of the picture. But her mother's boyfriend came out of nowhere this week to tell Jenelle off, something she certainly had coming. But hearing him tell her what a bad mother she is while he's holding her little baby wasn't exactly a happy scene.

This episode was also not kind to Corey, who has been a relatively involved father for his twins. But this episode, he seemed to rely a lot more on Leah's good graces and was "scared" to be alone with the babies. I get that. The first time my husband left me alone with both my baby and my toddler, I wanted to cling to his ankles and beg him not to leave, but I bucked up and learned how to do it because I am their parent. And so is he. But there he was, calling Leah and whining.

The only good dad on this whole show is Chelsea's.

What does that say about fatherhood? Is this the new norm?


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