Babies Are Like a Day at the Spa

April Peveteaux

baby relaxes youA spa that chafes your nipples and leaves your abs worse off than when you arrived, but I'm still standing firm that having a baby can relax something inside of you that is much bigger than a tweaked neck muscle.

When I read Elton John's recent quote that his new baby, Zachary, chilled him out, I knew exactly what he meant. John is most likely referring to the feeling of satisfaction one has when you realize there is something bigger than yourself -- and you created that something. (Or adopted, and will create the person post-birth.)

Of course I didn't realize that when I decided to have a baby, but it wasn't long after my first child was born that I let myself expand in such a way that allowed me to discover what it was I had been looking for in life. And then I relaxed.

Before I had kids, I had a great life. An amazing partner and an incredible group of friends that we wined and dined with on a regular basis. Rock shows, art exhibits, weekend trips -- all of these things were part of our daily existence and it was so amazing I sometimes said my life was better than a movie. But something was missing, and that something was a larger purpose.

Instead of always wondering, "Is that all there is?" I suddenly got it. And while I miss those leisurely Sunday mornings in bed with my husband -- or with the newspaper and a cup of coffee -- I wouldn't trade that life for what I have now for anything. Of course my love for my children is the reason for this, but selfishly, I also don't want to lose this sense of satisfaction and completeness that put a halt to the existential concerns of my pre-baby youth.

It's possible Elton John meant something else. And certainly having a staff and a whole other residence for the baby would help with the physical tensions of a newborn. But I like to think he just "got it" as well.

Are you more relaxed now that you have children?


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