Hilarious Photos of Babies Hating the Snow!

babies hate snowBundling up the babies and letting them enjoy the winter weather has not been an optional activity as of late. Which means, a lot of babies are experiencing snow for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems they hate it.

Oh sure, they're cute in those puffy snow suits and fluffy hats. They are rolly polly balls of adorable when they get sent out to frolic in the drifts. Even when they're screaming their heads off because they're sweating inside as their extremities get wet and frost bitten.

Ahh, winter. You sure do have it in for babies.

Check out these super sad cutie patooties.


babies hate snowSeriously, dad? Now is not the time to prove your attachment parenting superiority. I wonder if I can get a ride home with that guy . . .

babies hate snowNext time your ass is going down the hill.

babies hate snowGuys, this sucks. You know it sucks. I know it sucks. We all know it sucks.

Does your baby hate the snow?


Images (top to bottom): abby batchelder/Flickr, zoetnet/Flickr, familymwr/Flickr, glenmcbethlaw/Flickr

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