Nik Pace Allegedly Wants HOW Much in Child Support?

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards may be thinking the loss of his Super Bowl dreams is the least of his problems right about now. Nik Pace, a former contestant of America’s Next Top Model and Edwards' ex, is allegedly seeking $70,000 a month in child support payments for the child they had together in August.

Braylon filed to be recognized as the boy’s father in Georgia, but was rejected by Pace whose attorney called it a “cold, distributed movement to recompense less money” because Georgia is “traditionally less lavish with child await payments.”

Pace, 25, moved to New York after Edwards was traded to the Jets and now she is allegedly suing him for $70,000 a month child support. That is more than $800,000 a year. For one baby! Does that seem incredibly high to anyone else?



Attorneys for Edwards argue that Braylon desperately wants to be a father to his son and that he has been stymied. Pace issued a statement to the contrary last month.

At no time was Mr. Edwards refused the right to attend the birth of his son. Ms. Pace encouraged him to do so. Additionally, Mr. Edwards has yet to sign his son’s birth certificate making it impossible for his son to have his last name, Edwards as Georgia law requires. It is also completely and unequivocally false that Ms. Pace has ever requested a specified settlement from Mr. Edwards in the amount of up to $70,000.00 per month.

According to Edwards' attorney, he has tried to be there for the child and pay support, but Pace has not accepted it.

No matter what the truth is, this is an ugly, ugly battle with a child in the middle of it all. Braylon Edwards earns about $5 million a year so he can certainly afford to shell out a lot of cash. But does one baby really need $70,000?

It is hard to believe that anyone would be so greedy as to ask for that specific (incredibly high) sum of money for one baby, but stranger things have happened. Let's just hope this family is able to work things out for the baby boy who needs them both.

Do you think $70,000 is too much to ask for?

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