Colin Hanks & Samantha Bryant Make Tom Hanks a Grandfather!

Actor Colin Hanks just had a baby with wife Samantha Bryant, which means that papa Tom Hanks is now (gulp ...) a grandfather. Amazing how time flies, no?

Bryant and Hanks welcomed daughter Olivia Jane Hanks on February 1, and all reports seem to suggest the family is doing well.

"The family is home, and everyone's happy and healthy," a source close to the actor said.

But still, wow. Tom Hanks is a grandfather?


At 54, Hanks seems to be the right grandpa age, no? Colin turned 33 and November, which is a completely normal age for a first-time dad, and everyone is happy. But it feels like just yesterday that Tom Hanks was a kid himself.

Back in the day, he was starring in Bachelor Party and Splash, not winning an Oscar every few months. He is one of the only actors who manages to be both hilarious and serious with a bit of adorable thrown in the mix, too.

Bryant is a publicist and met Hanks through mutual friends in June 2009. They got married a year later in May 2010. They count Alyssa Milano and Reese Witherspoon among their close friends, both of whom were guests at their wedding.

I am guessing that Tom Hanks will make a pretty incredible grandfather. Does anyone remember Big? I like to imagine that is what Hanks is like in real life, just a big kid playing in a big space. He has always struck me as a fun person who also has great values and knows what matters.

This is such a blessing for the whole family. Congratulations to them all!

Are you surprised Hanks is a grandfather?


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