2011 Super Bowl Commercials Ruled By Babies (VIDEO)

"I love how my grandmother's so comfortable in her own skin ... probably because it's a little loose?" cracks that hilarious talking tot in a new mash-up of outtakes from E*TRADE's talking babies ad campaign.

Yes, the E*TRADE babies are set to steal the show once again during this Sunday's Super Bowl. With their CGI-moving mouths, they're a little freaky, but you know you love them.

And now, you can have one of your own!


In honor of game day, you can select one of several babies in helmets to send your very own talking baby message to a friend. Better yet, you can upload your own pic and make your baby talk! Just like these babies!

For real. Right now I'm looking at a photo of my daughter with fake blinking eyes and a moving mouth and I can make her say anything I want. I guess I'm not very creative, because she's saying, "Hi, Mama. I love you!" But if she really wanted to talk to me, she would probably say something like, "Actually, that was a fart, but if you think I'm smiling and you wanna take a picture, go right ahead!"

The BabyMail feature is undoubtedly a bizarre yet clever way to lure young investors. That said, I'll probably be sending a talking pic to Grandpa later today.

As someone who is not a big sports fan and attends Super Bowl parties for the wings and the beer, I love the halftime show and the commercials, so I'll be looking forward to the talking cuteness of the E*TRADE babies this Sunday.

Do you love the E*TRADE babies or do you think they're totally freaky?

Image via E*TRADE

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