Get Ready for More Recalls!

baby gear recalls
Is it safe?
From the people who brought you the baby sleep positioner recall and the drop-side crib ban, get ready for even more safety regulations in baby sleeping gear in 2011. The Consumer Products Safety Commission is putting even more emphasis on baby safety, and baby sleep products, especially, will come under more scrutiny going forward. Which means we'll probably see more baby product recalls in the future.

I'm all for closer inspection of baby products. Babies are slippery, delicate, little people who can't defend themselves from giant smothering things in their little faces. But as one manufacturer of baby products points out -- what people consider safe can be more of an emotional reaction than one based on facts.

Which is the reason I would never, ever, ever, ever go into the baby gear business.


Remember the great Bumbo seat recall? When the problem was parents putting the baby in the Bumbo seat on top of a table? Yep, that's not a good idea no matter how safe a baby seat is. You can only look as far as this site to find arguments between parents who feel baby items should be banned and those who say people who don't use products properly shouldn't ruin it for the rest of us.

As the article points out, even though we've all been warned about suffocation from crib bumpers, when you still see them in the stores, it can be confusing as to whether they're safe or not. Parents wind up making decisions they feel are best, regardless of the warnings. Unless a stroller has chopped off a baby finger (and even then, people say it didn't if you used it properly), some people aren't going to give up their fave baby products.

So go ahead, commission, warn us away from potential dangers. But don't think that everyone will listen.

Do you follow the safety guidelines and recalls?


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