The Most Innovative & Lightweight Umbrella Strollers

chicco strollerSeven years ago, when I was pregnant with Rowan, I bought a random travel system just because we liked the colors and the price. The car seat ended up being a terrible, terrible piece of equipment that was recalled quickly, but the stroller ... I absolutely adored it, everything about it.

Sadly, after much use and a lot of time, it died. It no longer snaps upright each and every time, so it was time to start stroller-shopping. And holy cow, strollers have come a long way since the last time I was in the market for one!

I found three lightweight strollers though that were pretty unique and had some cool features I'd never seen before that are especially handy for city- and apartment-dwelling folk.


The Chicco Liteway stroller ($116 at Target) is a stroller I was lucky enough to get to try out, courtesy of Chicco. I was really hesitant to test a lightweight stroller, since I adored my full-sized stroller so much, but I really like that there was STILL a decently sized storage basket and a snap-on cupholder. The storage basket actually has a draw-string bag you can remove with your stuff in it if, say, you need to leave your stroller outside the store while you go in. I didn't love that at only 18 months, my daughter was already sitting almost on the crotch buckle, but it's padded well enough it wasn't an issue. Even with two handles, something I wasn't keen on, it steered well on smoother surfaces, like the mall's glossy tile or the pavement.

Unique to the Liteway is the oversized sun/rain shield and even a built-in little waterproof foot cover. You can also adjust the end of the seat to go up and keep little babies from sliding down (which, in addition to the easily adjustable backrest, makes it great for even smaller babies), or bend it down for the comfort of larger kids. For walking outside, sometimes in the rain, these features are awesome. I didn't love the way it had to be almost pushed to the ground to fold, not ON it though, but that seems to be standard for lightweight strollers, and lightweight it is. For people who don't do a lot of off-roading, this is an awesome stroller.

The Britax Blink stroller ($99 at is another lightweight contender, though noted as a little heavier in weight than a lot of lightweights at 16 pounds. However, along with the weight comes many praises of being incredibly well-built and sturdy.

With a weight-capacity of 55 pounds and a tall seat, it fits even larger and older kiddos with ease, but it's also a great choice for taller adults who have to push it as well. It has a carry-strap so it's easier to take up stairs in the folded position, great if you live in an apartment. In addition to a small basket underneath, it also has a little pocket for the parent for things like your keys or cellphone, a feature I loved on my old stroller.

And of course, it wouldn't be Britax without a bunch of cute fabric options, including their ever-famous "Coomooflague" cow print!

Last but not least, for the child-prolific crowd, the Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller is a steal at $199 on If you need a double stroller, but worry about getting around, this one still manages to fit through standard doorways, even being a side-by-side!

This stroller can hold a combined weight of 110 pounds, or two 55-pound kiddos. Also with the storage basket underneath and two pockets behind the seats, parents and kiddo have storage in a stroller that still folds up and can be carried with ease.

I think I'm still most in love with full-sized strollers, but I'm also fortunate enough to not be totally limited by space or in need of something I can carry up the stairs. For those who are, I'm impressed with the options available these days, the ease of use of the strollers, and even storage space, despite the small size.

What's your favorite lightweight stroller?


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