'Teen Mom 2' Recap: It's Not 'Babysitting' When It's Your Baby


The fourth episode of Teen Mom 2 was yet another depressing display of no money, bad relationship decisions, and depressing life circumstances. It's getting a bit hard to take.

Chelsea's dad -- the best father in Teen Mom history -- was understandably upset that his daughter is back together with the boy man who texted her such horrible things during her episode of 16 & Pregnant.

Meanwhile Jenelle met a new man (Kiefer), Jo and Kailyn started getting along better, and Leah and Corey got back together (yay).

But, as usual, the story of the episode was Jenelle. Seriously, this girl. She makes me so mad I can barely even watch the show.

The new guy seems decent enough (though I suspect he was high half the show), but what really drives me crazy is Jenelle herself.

It's awesome that she's in college and there's no doubt that she's a pretty girl. She was even relatively more respectful toward her mother. But the way she is with her son just breaks my heart. The only time she kissed him during the entire episode was when she was in front of her new boyfriend.

Before that she ignored little Jace as she rushed past him to get to school. She showed up hungover, covered in hickeys and exhausted after staying out all night in order to "babysit" her son (memo to Jenelle: it is not "babysitting" when the kid is yours), and she never seems to put him to bed since she's out or gone or doing god knows what. Yes, the baby is lucky he has his grandmother, but he needs his mommy.

She just gets to me. More than any of the other moms, she seems the least able to accept her new role. She is so removed from her son that it was actually surprising when she mentioned him to Kiefer.

"You sure you are OK with me having a kid?" she asked him.

I was amazed! She actually acknowledged she had a child!

What is going to become of this poor little boy? Sure her mother could do better. She could empower Jenelle and force her to grow up and take responsibility. But at her age, the responsibility is on Jenelle. She needs to grow up and get custody of her son back. He needs his mom.

The whole thing is just way too depressing. 

Do you think Jenelle will get it together?


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SexyD... SexyDiva19

Jenelle is the main reason I hate watching the show but the other girls make up for her bitchiness. I think Jenelle will eventually get it together just not any time soon. I hope Kailyn and Jo work it out and I am SO happy that Corey and Leah got back together! Chelsea should rethink getting back with Adam but then again we were all teenagers and in love once and I personally understand where she's coming from being a teen mom myself.

2lilb... 2lilbumblebees

I think she will get it together when she is on her 3rd or 4th kid...

ba13y... ba13ygrl1987

I don't think jenelle will get it together, she's never been forced to take responsibility for her actions and that's clear in her behavior and the way her and her mother interact. In real life time right now she's sitting in jail charged with breaking and entering and drug possession. Sadly I think that little boys best chance is staying with his grandma, and for janelle to just leave the picture. I'm so happy Leah and Corey are back together and I hope it works out for them, and I think its great joe and kailyn are being decent to one another, although I don't foresee that relationship ever lasting. I too think Chelsea is an idiot for getting back with Adam, but I made the same mistake for 3 years as a teen mom with my child's father, so I understand completely where she's coming from. I just hope she figures it out faster then I did.

jtayl... jtaylor87

i think that if jennelle's mom keeps telling jennelle she is a bad mom and that jennelle has no control over her son it is fine to say she is babysitting.. im so happy for leah and cory, its a big step.. kailyn has balls to ask for a loan from her ex and i commend him for loaning her the money but asking for double back? what an asshole... chelsea, umm i dont know what adam did cuz i didnt see her episode but i think that the 2 most important ppl (megan and her dad) saying they dont like it and dont want him moving into that house should be a sign she needs to wait...

jalaz77 jalaz77

I haven't watched this episode yet, that being said Janelle's mom is just as bad as her, and this is the person that raised her daughter this way. Has anyone, besides me, noticed Janelle's mom NEVER EVER tells her what she is doing right or that she loves her????? Is that a problem, I think so. This mom criticizes everything she does, Janelle is a train wreck and needs some serious help, I do see that. I just never see the mom tell her what she is doing right, so how is this girl ever suppose to get on her feet and be on her own? Dr Drew this is for you, if you do not let these two have it at the end of this season you should probably quit your job and let Dr Phil and his plastic wife come on and do it for you.

MyKid... MyKidsSccrMom

Gonna watch it now. I usually watch it w/my 15 year old daughter. But I will just be a little ahead. Glad I have a teen daughter so I have an excuse to watch it. :-)

Stephanie Donovan

I can honestly tell you "no", not as long as her mommy is there to take the heat. I was a teen mom and my mom made sure I was taking care of my daughter; not her! I got a job I got an appartment , I did what I had to because no one would do it for me.I grew up fast, that was my choice as hers was hers and she needs to leave the men who wanna stay boys alone and raise one!

rio_burb rio_burb

I don't see Janelle getting it together - especially anytime soon.  She's a train wreck and cares only about herself.  She has a LOT of work to do before she can be any good for her poor little guy.  Like the author said, good thing he has his grandma. 

Her new guy, not sure I like him.  Yes, he seemed high most of the show and I think Janelle needs to be around more positive influences than that.

I love Corey and Leah and glad they are back together.  However, I don't like Jo and think he said some pretty disrespectful things to Kailyn when they were breaking up so jury's still out on him with me just yet. 

seecb seecb

I'm not trying to stick up for Jenelle but you do know MTV cuts a lot out and we are missing out on a lot with Jenelle and Jace. I do agree that Jenelle needs to wake up a realize what she is responsible for now. When my fiance and I was teen mom he curses at the TV Jenelle makes him so mad lol. I really hope she wakes up and sees what she has been messing up. I see a lot of perspective in her. (Oh and about keifer, I kept telling my fiance last night.."Do you think he's high??") Lol!

Danielle Garceau

I think MTV only shows you the bad stuff about Jenelle. I seriously think that she tries, but her mom is very overbearing. She is the way she is bc her mom won't even let her raise her own child. I think her mom is a big jerk and loves the control over Jenelle. AND I saw the comment saying that Jenelle only kisses her baby when bf was around. That's not true. I see her kiss him all the time, ask her mother why she never kisses her own daughter. Her mother has a few hundred screws loose. I would be a totally B word too if my mom was like Jenelle's mom. I think you people aren't giving Jenelle enough credit here. Not all moms are supermoms. I honestly think Jenelle would be way more involved in Jace's life if she was allowed to.

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