'Teen Mom 2' Recap: It's Not 'Babysitting' When It's Your Baby

The fourth episode of Teen Mom 2 was yet another depressing display of no money, bad relationship decisions, and depressing life circumstances. It's getting a bit hard to take.

Chelsea's dad -- the best father in Teen Mom history -- was understandably upset that his daughter is back together with the boy man who texted her such horrible things during her episode of 16 & Pregnant.

Meanwhile Jenelle met a new man (Kiefer), Jo and Kailyn started getting along better, and Leah and Corey got back together (yay).

But, as usual, the story of the episode was Jenelle. Seriously, this girl. She makes me so mad I can barely even watch the show.


The new guy seems decent enough (though I suspect he was high half the show), but what really drives me crazy is Jenelle herself.

It's awesome that she's in college and there's no doubt that she's a pretty girl. She was even relatively more respectful toward her mother. But the way she is with her son just breaks my heart. The only time she kissed him during the entire episode was when she was in front of her new boyfriend.

Before that she ignored little Jace as she rushed past him to get to school. She showed up hungover, covered in hickeys and exhausted after staying out all night in order to "babysit" her son (memo to Jenelle: it is not "babysitting" when the kid is yours), and she never seems to put him to bed since she's out or gone or doing god knows what. Yes, the baby is lucky he has his grandmother, but he needs his mommy.

She just gets to me. More than any of the other moms, she seems the least able to accept her new role. She is so removed from her son that it was actually surprising when she mentioned him to Kiefer.

"You sure you are OK with me having a kid?" she asked him.

I was amazed! She actually acknowledged she had a child!

What is going to become of this poor little boy? Sure her mother could do better. She could empower Jenelle and force her to grow up and take responsibility. But at her age, the responsibility is on Jenelle. She needs to grow up and get custody of her son back. He needs his mom.

The whole thing is just way too depressing. 

Do you think Jenelle will get it together?


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