Baby GAP Steals From Flickr: Whose Onesie Is It?

gap flickr onesie steal

The Onesie in Question

Flickr is a wonderful thing. We use it often here on The Stir under the creative commons license and love finding amazing photographs for our pieces. Of course you always give credit where credit is due, and each photographer makes it clear if they give permission to use and under what terms. Most of the time, those terms do not include you taking a photograph and making money off of it without compensating the photographer.

When Flickr user Chris Devers discovered his Flickr photo of a Jaguar E-Type on a Baby Gap onesie, needless to say he wondered if his fat check from the retail giant was far behind. So far, no dice.


That's a cute onesie right? I'd totally buy that for my little dude. But now I won't, because I'm not going to contribute to the rip-off of an artist. You can see Devers' comparison below, and there's no denying his image is the same one on the onesie. As one comment on his Flickr account points out, the reflection on the windshield is a clear indication of ownership.

gap flickr onesie stealDevers is still waiting on word from The Gap about how this could happen, but in the meantime, he made another discovery. Yep, apparently they liked his image so much, it's also on a one-piece. I think it's high time a Gap representative contacted Devers. This could get as ugly as the logo battle of '10.

A baby onesie war, that's exactly what The Gap needs during a recession.

Would you buy this tainted onesie?

Images (top to bottom): Gap, Chris Devers/Flickr

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