Super Bowl Sex Leads to (Super) Baby Boom

football babyNothing turns a guy on more than his favorite team winning the Super Bowl. All of you living with Steeler Nation dudes or Cheeseheads, get ready for some post-game schnookie. Super Bowl baby. Note there isn't a comma between Bowl and baby. I'm talking literal Super Bowl babies.

But beware, if you get knocked up after the Big Game, your kiddo may be part of a large kindergarten class.


Case in point: last October, at hospitals in and around New Orleans, the number of births rose about 25 percent over the prior year. That's a bump in babies about nine months after the Super Bowl was played. Anyone care to guess who won the Super Bowl that year? Yup, the New Orleans Saints, beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

Does this Super Bowl trend spill over into names choices, too? You betcha. New Orleans saw more Drews (as in QB Drew Brees) and Paytons (homage to Coach Sean Payton) around the nursery at the end of last year.

So, if Pittsburgh wins, expect more Bens and Troys around the playground. Aaron and Clay will top Green Bay baby name lists if the Pack is victorious.

Though I have to ask: after a day of feasting on seven-layer dip, pizza, and chicken wings, after hours of drinking beer and partying, is anyone really in the mood?

Image via Kyle and Kelly Adams/Flickr

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