Christina Applegate Welcomes Baby Girl!

Christina Applegate & fiance Martyn LeNoble
Christina Applegate & fiance Martyn LeNoble
Actress Christina Applegate and her fiance and musician Martyn LeNoble welcomed their brand new baby girl on Thursday, January 27 in Los Angeles. Reps for the actress say, "Mother and daughter are doing great."

The couple had several ultrasounds prior to the birth, trying to confirm the baby's gender one way or another; however, their baby girl was not cooperating with the ultrasound technician. So her gender was ultimately a surprise to mom and dad!

Want to know what Christina and Martyn named their new girl bundle? Keep reading ...


Christina and Martyn named their new daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble! Gosh, is it me or is that the quintessential Christina Applegate baby name? It almost feels familiar it's so Christina. A loved one of Applegate's said Sadie is "a beautiful little girl, and they are so happy and in love with her."

The healthy and happy arrival is great news for Ms. Applegate, 39, who was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2008, and underwent a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Applegate has been quite open throughout her pregnancy, discussing everything from pregnancy brain and hormonal mood swings to her parenthood non-plan. She even made a hysterical Hot Prenatal Pole Dance Video.

Congratulations to Christina and Martyn!


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